Hello and thanks for popping by!

We have closed the Eco Print Boutique in order to focus on a fantastic new project: No Serial Number (www.noserialnumber.com) a new Eclectic Lifestyle e-Magazine dedicated entirely to the promotion of sustainable / eco-conscious artisans and designers.

It has been a long journey and we are very excited about our new project so do come over to our No Serial Number Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter pages (see icons above!).

We will keep the Eco Print Boutique Facebook page OPEN to promote all things eco-print so don't go anywhere...stay tuned!

Most importantly you can sign up to our newsletter to receive a copy of our new e-Magazine for FREE!

To contact us for Eco Print products and services (workshops and holidays), simply email Francesca at [email protected] or phone 07779642546

Our e-Magazine (out in Summer 2015) will bring you a unique combination of articles dedicated to the promotion of sustainable practices and small creative independent business, from fashion to home decor all the way to gardening, cuisine and travel. The e-Magazine will include: 

- Exclusive interviews with sustainable fashion designers, artisans and independent labels
- Tips to create your own unique look from independent and sustainable labels
- Ideas from the multifunctional garden, exploring the variety of ways in which botanical materials can be used from cooking to printing.
- Features about artisans and cooperatives striving to promote local heritages and traditional and sustainable practices
- Info on crafts and design workshops and holidays

- Reviews of shows, fairs and exhibitions 
- ... and of course a monthly giveaway!